Friday, April 20, 2007


I wanted to wait to write to a response recent events at Virginia Tech. I've been watching the media and it always seems that the gunman is the focus of most coverage. We are doing exactly what he wanted. He wanted everyone to see his photos and movies. He is now at the front of all media attention. I think we should refocus our attention to the victims. I can't begin to comprehend or understand what the students, teachers, family, and community members of Virginia Tech are going through. I don't think the university could have responded differently. I don't think blame should be thrown around so eagerly. This can happen to anyone. I look back at my own experience at Washington University and it is clear that this could've happened to me. People become lost in between classes and activities. But I can offer some advice. Let's remember to be aware of what's happening in each other's lives. If something appears to be wrong, take action. Universities offer counseling services; use them to get information about how to approach different situations. We have to check and balance each other.

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