Friday, May 4, 2007

64 Squares

I know you've seen the new Saks shopping bags around town. Designer, Michael Bierut chopped up the new logo for Saks Fifth Avenue into 64 squares and rearranged them in different combinations on bags, boxes, ads and signage. “We wanted something that would be immediately identifiable across the street or through the windows of a moving subway car, and that no one would throw away,” he says. “Blowing up the logo and rearranging the fragments in a million different ways on a grid made the identity much more dramatic.” Regardless of whether it’s on Fifth Avenue or in the Houston Galleria Mall, Saks is a definitive New York store; the grid refers to the city’s street plan, and the fragments represent the frenzy of its street life. “It’s a metaphor for the larger-than-life experiences you can find on block after block in New York City,” Bierut says.

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