Thursday, May 17, 2007

For the Traveler

Submissions are now being accepted for an upcoming book called "V!VA List World: 333 Most Loved Travel Experiences" due to be published in April 2008. Viva Travel Guides are looking for 500-700 word articles and / or photographs about the most amazing travel experiences. Been to a place or had an experience so exhilarating that- if given the opportunity again- you'd conceivably plan your entire trip around it? Know of an exotic nook on the planet that we don't, or traveled a known hotspot like the Taj Mahal in a way no one else has? Can you tell your story in such a way that it takes other travelers there without ever leaving their chairs? If so, your piece may be V!VA List worthy! Please note that there is no payment other than a proportion of royalties after the event, but this is a great opportunity for talented upcoming writers to get their stories published. To find out more information, or to pitch a story idea, please contact: Paula Newton, This post is from Ed 2010.

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