Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Conjoined, Defunct and Erratic

I used to walk through Madison Square Park everyday. It was always a wonderful treat of mixed senses: the infectious sound of children playing and laughing, the smell of Shack burgers across the way, and various art installations that seemed to pop up out from nowhere.

Currently, internationally renowned conceptual artist Roxy Paine exhibits three stainless steel sculptures—Conjoined, Defunct and Erratic—in the Park. Paine’s long interest in the juxtaposition of nature and industrialization has brought form to an extensive body of work. From his mushroom and plant fields to his art-making machines and large-scale metal trees, Paine continues to see nature through an industrial prism. Through work that combines the organic with the manufactured, he questions our position between the man-made world that we control and nature’s world that we do not.

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