Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Don't Know You, But...

Here's the situation: Con Edison has been working in front my building for a week now, fed up with the noise I go to see how long the project will take. Luckily two police officers are there as well. Turns out ConEd will be there all summer. But the real noise problem are long metal plates placed on the road for cars to drive over. Each time a car rolls over the plate, it makes a loud noise and this is consent throughout the night. This is the city's problem, hence the police officers. Normally, I hate when guys try to talk to me on the street, but I take this as compliment.
Officer: I don't know you, but you seem like the type of woman a man would ask to marry him.
ConEd worker: She's probably taken.
Me: No, I'm not taken.
ConEd worker: So, what are you waiting for?
Me: I don't know, someone to ask me to marry him.

I jet off, realizing I'm already late for work. And I am wearing a white dress. I thought this would be a fun story to share. I hope everyone has a great day!