Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gossip Girl

One of my new guilty pleasures is Gossip Girl. And I'm not the only one, New York magazine says it's the most important show of our time. I wouldn't go that far. But Gossip Girl is the show we've been waiting for our entire lives: Dynasty meets Harriet the Spy meets Beverly Hills 90210 meets Melrose Place. Of course the show it most resembles is Sex and the City (although, since this show is about teenagers, does that make it Statutory Rape in the City?). For all its flaws, Sex and the City was a New York show. Even though they wore unforgivable outfits, the SATC characters did things real women their age and socioeconomic class in New York did — they ate cupcakes at Magnolia, had brunch at Pastis, went to Bloomie Nails. As cringe-making as it is to admit, those four ladies represented a breed of New York woman. Can we expect Gossip Girl to do the same for Upper East Side teenagers?

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