Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I love these scarfs from A Peace Treaty.

You used to share clothes with your roommate. But a hostile ballet flat takeover meant a formal designation of borders (drawn by a third-party witness) and a changed statehood.

You two could benefit from A Peace Treaty, a new socially conscious label of global artifacts. Operating from the UWS, it’s based on a pact made by two smart ladies (a Pakistani Muslim and Libyan Jew) to raise global awareness.

The first collection focuses on gorgeous, hand-loomed scarves from Pakistan’s Punjab Province. Skilled workers employ ancient crafting techniques to produce small batches in brightly colored checks and plaids. (Next up: leather goods.)

A Peace Treaty plans to develop relationships throughout the Middle East, overseeing the process from design to consumption. Proceeds benefit organizations like Counterpart International, which brings medical supplies to Darfur.

That should impart a rare tone of civility to the trading of luxury goods.

Even, we dare say, across enemy lines. (Via Daily Candy)