Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wimbledon Style

Under Maria Sharapova’s kicky belted topper is a tuxedo tank and tap shorts. But at this year’s Wimbledon, Sharapova isn’t the only player attempting to reintroduce tailoring to tennis. Is it successful? You make the call.

Serena Williams is no stranger to a conversation-starting ensemble. About this one, she said: “It is ladylike and I am very ladylike… It is very movable, it is very light, it is delectable.” Perhaps not after a good warm-up, but we digress.

Federer has always put on the dog for Wimbledon. (Recall 2006’s eggshell Ralph Lauren blazer.) Matched with this sweater his slimmer-cut shorts topped with a tone-on-tone ecru-and-gold belt feel almost Fred Perry.

With all these car coats and fitted shorts, it feels like the “Ice Storm” has touched down on Center Court. Little wonder male athletes have been turning to Viagra. They’re using it to improve their play but it doesn’t hurt their profiles either. (Via NYT)