Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ono's Wish Trees

While in L.A. I came across this article in the Los Angeles Times Sunday edition. Early in August, artist Yoko Ono opened one of her signature projects in Pasadena. The installation, "Wish Trees," consists of 21 small crape myrtle trees arranged throughout the city's popular One Colorado mall in the revived Old Town. Visitors are invited to write a wish and tie it to one of the trees, something Ono recalls doing at Japanese shrines when she was a little girl. Although Ono never reads the messages tied to her "Wish Trees" — "I feel it is not right to read people's private wishes" — she does keep the hundreds of thousands of white tags, eventually to be stored in the Imagine Peace Tower off the coast of Iceland. Nevertheless, many visitors to the trees have taken to reading the wishes as a form of entertainment or, perhaps, even therapy as the nation rides out one earth-shattering wave of bad news after another. Ono's trees have exploded into a Rorschach of national angst.
Here are a few:
I wish for all broken hearts to be mended.
I wish my parents weren't so homophobic I am so lonely.
I wish unicorns were real.
I wish for an amazing day.