Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Great Project: I Love You More Than _______

I just saw this on Swiss Miss. How fun is this?
I love you more than ______ is an exploration into the wonderful world of love. Paperwhite studio wants to depart from the cliche valentines sentiment and find out the real things we are willing to put in second place for love.
Some highlights:
- i love you more than guacamole
- i love you more than a coconut popsicles on a hot summer day
- i love you more than the G train when it's on time (or the L when it's not stopping every 5 min!)
- i love you more than a good hair day
- i love you more than pms 412 U

Help fill in the blank "i love you more than________" by sharing your own personal feelings. Abstract, funny or literal - the choice is yours. Send your answers to:

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