Thursday, January 22, 2009

Remembering Michael

Last night I started making a mixed CD. I kinda went a little overboard on Limewire... I started with Alicia Keys, then Lauren Hill, which lead to some oldies like Otis Redding and Tina Turner. Of course my brother had to join in and we started looking at vintage video footage like James Brown circa 1976. (Did you know that James Brown is my grandmother's half brother? Of course they were never close. My grandmother says she couldn't stand him.) My first CD ever was Michael Jackson's Bad. What can I say? Who didn't love Michael? I remember he had a concert and my parents wouldn't let me stay up to watch. I must've been like 4. I did sneak out of bed and they eventually gave in and let me watch. This link takes you to the Motown 25 concert, I don't think I saw this one because I would've been only 1 years old, but for some reason this performance sticks out.