Thursday, May 7, 2009

Look Back: First Aid Kit

In 2006, Johnson and Johnson turned to Harry Allen to re-design the First Aid Kit. Although it is one of Johnson and Johnson’s most iconic products, after years of cost engineering the First Aid Kit had been reduced to a disposable clear plastic case – gone were the memorable designs of yesteryear. The design was simple, to give the First Aid Kit a dynamic new form.

Harry worked closely with Chris Hacker, Vice President of Global Design & Design Strategy, and the design team at J&J to rethink the kit. The resulting design puts the user first. It stands on end of ease of storage; the built in handle provides grab and go efficiency while maintaining the smallest possible profile; the color scheme is an eye-catching red and white, and the cross is bought back front and center. It is soft yet commanding, a friendly “figure eight” that is easily recognized as the first step in fighting minor health hazards. The case is be available in most retail outlets that sell J&J products including Walmart and Target stores nationwide.

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