Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Science of Sleep

In Prelude to a Kiss Meg Ryan admits that she has a terrible memory and insomnia. Well, so do I. Perhaps this is a solution to restless nights, Zeo Personal Sleep Coach. Developed by scientists, the product tracks, analyzes, and guides you to blissful nights of zzz’s. Here’s how it works: Before bed, put on the jazzy headband that records patterns using sensor technology. In the morning, check out the bedside display, which is connected to the headband wirelessly and evaluates your REM, light, and deep sleep. Then head to the website, which recommends techniques, tools, and tips based on your personal data to address the things affecting your rest. Soon enough you’ll be jumping over rainbows on the back of a unicorn while making sweet love to Edward Cullen. (Via Daily Candy)


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